Fun and Fresh Tips for Your Outdoor Wedding

Fun Ways to Address Unique Summer Wedding Issues

When people think of summer, they think of two things. They think of vacations, and even more so, they think of beautiful weddings. With longer nights and weather conducive to outdoor events, it is no wonder that the summer is the most popular “wedding season”. If you are planning a summer wedding, it is a good idea to have unique ideas to keep your guest refreshed and entertained throughout the day.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide guest with a colorful display of sunglasses.
  • Use pieces of fruit for place cards. It is both cheap and refreshing.
  • Have an Italian Ice station or an Ice Cream Sundae bar.
  • Provide lots of water bottles with customized labels that have fun messages.
  • Set up a tent area for shade.
  • For a fun adult snack, try alcohol-infused popsicles.
  • Place customized mosquito repellant on the table as favors.
  • Use cement blocks in the grass for your bridesmaids to stand on, so that their heels don’t sink.